Encourage Voting Habits


Did you know that Every Vote Counts? Many very important elections have been decided by just a few votes. The 1960 presidential race between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon was so close that the margin of victory averaged out to just one vote per precinct.  Voting is an important right as an American and KIDS CAN LEARN TO VOTE TOO!


Kids Voting Arizona is a nonpartisan, grassroots-driven voter education program.  The Arizona Bar Foundation is committed to creating lifelong voting habits in children and increase  Glossary Link adult voter turnout. Through our program, Arizona is leading a national fight against voter apathy. 

Now more than ever, we are filled with total resolve that the underlying concepts and teachings of Kids Voting are even more important and relevant. Securing the future of democracy by preparing young people to be informed and participating citizens has always been a key part of our mission. Teaching skills for civic involvement happens year-round, and our vote is using our voice on a regular basis, not only on Election Day. 

Kids Voting Arizona is proud and honored to have you join us, in protecting our freedom to vote, one of our most important rights and responsibilities as United States citizens. Children are the Future of Democracy: Parents exert a tremendous influence over the the future voting behavior of their children. If parents vote regularly, their children are far more likely to vote when they become adults. And now it's more critical than ever for parents to make voting a family tradition. The future of our democracy may depend on it.  




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