We the People: The Curriculum and the Competition

01/10/2020 8:30 am -4:30 pm

This training is for educators who serve an upper elementary, middle and/or high school population.  SROs/JPOs are invited to attend; however, please note this training does not fulfill the yearly advanced LRE Academy requirement for School Safety Program funded SROs/JPOs.

New attendees will receive a FREE classroom set of We the People textbooks plus a teacher's guide!  Those who have attended a WTP training in FY 17-19 will not be eligible to receive another classroom set of textbooks.

Event Overview

This Center for Civic Education curriculum provides lessons and activities for students in grades 4-12.  The primary goal of the We the People program is to promote civic awareness and responsibility in students.  By emphasizing student involvement and encouraging students to relate important concepts and principles to historical and contemporary situations, the program strengthens students’ critical thinking and public speaking skills.  This training will be held in conjunction with the Arizona We the People State Competition. 

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