Below are some of the most often asked questions. If you have others, please let us know.

In high school, can the We the People class be weighted?

Many teachers have been successful in getting their We the People class weighted but that is a decision that is made by the school or school district. 

Can students do more than one unit when preparing for the simulated hearing?

If there are not enough students in your class to have a minimum of 5 students assigned to each unit for the hearing, students may be assigned to more than one unit. See Rules of Competition the Competition Documents section of the Teacher Resources page. 

Can we implement the We the People program as a club?

We the People can be done as a club at levels one and two (grades 4-8) but doing it in this manner will make your high school level class ineligible for competition. 

How long does it take to complete the We the People curriculum and do the hearing?

It depends. At the high school level, We the People is typically taught during the senior civics and government class which is one semester. At the elementary and middle school levels, We the People can easily be integrated into existing social studies classes and taught throughout the year. 

How much do We the People textbooks cost?

Pricing information for We the People textbooks can be found on the Center for Civic Education’s website. 

Is there an online version of the We the People textbook?

There is an interactive, online version available through Actively Learn. For additional information please visit the textbook section of the Center for Civic Education’s website and select the level of textbook that you need.  

How well does the We the People curriculum fit with the Arizona State Standards and Common Core? 

The We the People curriculum fits well with the new Arizona Civics and Government/Common Core standards. Please see the standards correlation documents for more information. 

Do I have to have previously used the We the People curriculum in order to attend a We the People Summer Institute? 

No. Teachers may apply for a summer institute even if they have never used the materials before.  

Can I get district credit or hours toward re-certification for attending an in-service training or institute?

Whether or not your district gives you credit or not is up to them. Each teacher that attends an in-service receives a detailed agenda and a signed certificate of attendance documenting professional development hours. 

What should I do with students that transfer into my We the People class after the class has completed the textbook and is working on the hearing questions?

One suggestion is to assign the student one of the units to read and study and then allow them to work with that unit's group to prepare for the questions. They can still have a role in the hearing and contribute to the group. 

How can I make the We the People program accessible to my English Language Learners (ELL) students?

The We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution textbook is available in three different levels. While the books do not cover the same material, they could be used to help modify material for your ELL students. The textbook is also available in an enhanced Actively Learn e-book version that has many supportive features including a read aloud and direct translation in multiple languages using Google Translate.   

Do I need to create an account on LawforKids.org to register for a We the People competition or showcase?

Yes! Click the “Create an account” button on the We the People homepage. 

Once I have an account, how do I register for a We the People competition?

Click “Competition Registration” from the menu on the left side of the page and then select your region’s regional competition. 

How do I know what region I am in?

You can access the Regional Map in the Competition Documents section of the We the People Teacher Resources page. 

Do I have to register again for the State Competition?

No. The State Competition is by invitation only. 10 teams from across the state will be invited to compete at the State Competition. 

Is there a separate registration for showcase teams?

Yes! To register a showcase team, click “Showcase Registration” from the menu on the left of the page. From there you can select the showcase for your region. There is also a separate registration on this page for the State Showcase which takes place on the same day as the State Competition. Showcase teams must complete separate registrations for the regional showcase and state showcase. 

When and where are each year’s competition questions posted on LawforKids.org?

Competition questions for the coming school year are posted each August in the Competition Documents section of the We the People Teacher Resources page. 

How are the competition questions divided between the regional and state competitions?

Teams will answer one question per unit at the regional competitions. Teams will not know ahead of time which of the three questions has been selected for regionals. Teams will answer the remaining two questions per unit during two rounds of competition at the State Competition. 

Who is my point of contact once I have registered for my regional competition?

Regional coordinators are the primary point of contact for teams leading up to their regional competition. Regional coordinators are listed on the Teacher Assistance page. Select “Teacher Assistance” from the menu on the left of the page.