GED Program: This program allows interested youth the ability to prepare for and take the GED test.  With parent permission, students take the GED test at no cost to them or their family.  Once students pass their test, the detention staff hosts a graduation ceremony complete with commencement procedures and graduation photos.  Families are encouraged to attend. Pictured at the above left is a wall in the detention school dedicated to the successful GED graduates.

Arizona Young Arts Program: (pictured above) This program allows detainees to nurture their artistic talent. Every 6 months a non profit organization will select pieces of art created by the youth and display the work in various court buildings within Maricopa County.

Character Counts: This program encourages youth to exhibit the following characters: Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Respect and Fairness.  In addition to providing lessons for each pillar, each July a Character Counts Carnival is held at the facility that will allow the youth to participate in games designed to promote each pillar.

We the People:  The goal of this civic education program is to promote civic awareness and responsibility in students. By emphasizing student involvement and encouraging students to relate important concepts and principles to historical and contemporary situations, it strengthens students’ critical thinking and public speaking skills.