Star Depot: This program is both an incentive program and an educational program.  Red Shirts participate in this program by interviewing for job positions.  These positions can include the Star Depot sales clerk, banker, etc.  Students receive interview skills, appropriate job behavior, and skills related to their specific job position.

Food Handlers Program: Students voluntarily take an additional class and test provided by the detention school.  Detention staff complete all paperwork to enable students to receive their Food Handler cards (at no cost to the youth) which will expand their career possibilities.

Talent Shows: These shows allow students to showcase their talents before their peers in a non competitive environment.  By participating, students learn to focus their energy on positive activities and overcome fears of performing in public settings. Youth are rewarded for their efforts with positive reinforcement by staff and peers.

Education Projects: Detention staff engage youth in important educational contests that will increase their knowledge and give students a chance to showcase their talents.  Topics include, but are not limited to, poetry, earth day, and civil rights.


Friendly Competition: During school breaks, detention staff team up with the recreation coordinators (physical education teachers) to engage the students in healthy competition between units.  Students participate in fun activities to stay active and learn the appropriate behavior for competition.