Each Detention Facility has specific rules that the juveniles inside must follow. The rules are created to provide for the safety of everyone within the facility. In addition, the rules help youth to understand which behaviors are appropriate.  This helps youth not only behave in detention but helps youth when they leave detention and must follow rules in society.  The rules range from when a youth can get up and move around to what time youth go to bed.  Youth progress through a point system based on Character Counts.  When youth follow the rules of detention they earn points (which are referred to as pillars in detention).  Not following rules in detention may lead youth to delay moving through the behavior management system or demote to a lower level.  When youth reach the highest level in detention, a Level 5, this shows that they are consistently following the rules in detention.  One of the duties of this highest level is to role model appropriate behavior for other youth.  Level 5 youth do this by following the rules in detention and demonstrating their character on how they conduct themselves on a daily basis.

The Rules can change. Call (602) 506-4011 to get the current rules.