The Cochise County Juvenile Facility has several programs that are designed to educate youth and encourage positive behavior.

  • Transition/Release: Helps youth successfully leave the facility by offering education on life skills.
  • Peer Senate: Allows youth to have an active voice on the issues that govern them while living at the facility. Only level 4 & 5 may be a voting member of the Senate.
  • Character Education: Encourages and rewards positive behavior.

The Cochise County Juvenile Detention Center has incorporated a strength-based program called Step-Up. The goals of the Step-Up Program are:

  • Afford youth an opportunity for indvidual growth  and change
  • Provide an opportunity for release of emotional tension
  • Teach fair play, rule following and teamwork
  • Provide socially acceptable outlet for hostility
  • Give youth a better understanding of themselves
  • Develop new interests or skills youth can follow when released
  • Provide an opportunity to work within  a structual setting

 In addition each youth is paired with a staff mentor who will build a positive relationship and work with the youth during their stay in detention.  The objective of the mentor is:

  • Facilitate treatment and supervision amenability
  • Stabilize delinquent behavior and thinking of troubled youth
  • Help youth recognize changes they need to make
  • Prepare youth by increasing skills for success in next program
  • Assist youth to transition to their next program