The legal needs of the youth have been carefully considered. Within the facility, there is an area that can serve as the courtroom both in an on-site capacity and a fully operational video court call option. In some areas of the Center there are meeting rooms for legal and paraprofessional staff to meet with their clients, and for certain county needs, a dedicated “video call” room. Youth may also attend court in the public buildings off-site.

The advisory, adjudication, and disposition hearings for many juveniles in Pinal County take place at this Youth Justice Center.

An advisory hearing is a formal court process where the juvenile is told about the charges against him or her and can admit or deny them. Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court, Rule 28 (A).

An adjudication hearing is a trial in front of a judge only (not a jury), where the court determines whether the juvenile committed the alleged acts. Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court, Rule 29 (A). The court may make a finding that the juvenile is delinquent or incorrigible.

A disposition is when the youth is told what consequences the court has decided. Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court, Rule 30.

(After you are done with this tour, you can learn more about advisory, adjudication and disposition hearings by going through the Juvenile Court Tour on this website.)