Apache County


Ordinance No. 2011-07

Effective in the unincorporated areas of Apache County excluding areas under the jurisdiction of the United States, State of Arizona, or federally recognized Indian tribe.

Ordinance enacted pursuant to A.R.S. 13-1606 authorizing a county to regulate the use of “permissible consumer fireworks” within the unincorporated areas of the county during times when there is a reasonable risk of wildfires in the immediate county.

“Consumer firework,” “Display Firework,” and “Fireworks” have the same meaning as A.R.S. 36-1601(5)(a) and include: (i) ground and handheld sparkling devices; (ii) Cylindrical fountains; (iii) cone fountains; (iv) illuminating torches, (v) wheels; (vi) ground spinners; (vii) toy smoke devices; (ix) Wire sparklers or dipped sticks; (x) Multiple tube fireworks devices and pyrotechnic articles.

Permissible Consumer Fireworks do not include those categories of devices specifically excluded by 36-1601(5)(b) as follows “anything that is designed or intended to rise into the air and explode or to detonate in the air or to fly above the ground, including, for example, firework items commonly known as bottle rocket, sky rockets, missile-type rockets, helicopters, torpedoes, roman candles, and jumping sticks.


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