Five 9th graders are getting international notoriety for their science experiment. What started as a school project rocketed them into the spotlight for what they discovered. The girls noticed that having their cell phones by their head as they slept caused them to have less concentration at school and difficulty sleeping so they decided to test the theory for their biology class. They took trays of cress seeds and placed them in a room both with and without Wi-Fi routers, routers use the same type of waves as cell phones, and gave them the same amount of water and sunlight; the results of what happened over the next 12 days are nothing but astounding. The seeds that had been placed with the router not only failed to grow but some were even mutated or dead. The seeds that were not subjected to the router grew strong and healthy. Scientist have been impressed with the girls precision in the experiment and are now setting up their own similar experiments to further test the results.
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