Wednesday, 03 October 2018 11:19


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At 11:18 p.m. today Arizona time a Presidential Alert went out across the nation to each and every cell phone in America. Don't worry there isn't an emergency, it is only a test. However, if there was an emergency this new system is how they would tell you. The system is called the National Wireless Emergency Alert System and is from the Federal Emergency Management Agency better known as FEMA. (Not actually the President) The system was created to notify everyone in case of a national emergency, attack, or disaster and no one is able to opt out of the message. This system is the most recent way the government is trying to keep its citizens informed and has previously used similar services over T.V.s and radios. The law, the Warning, Alert and Response Network Act, requires FEMA to run a test of the system every three years. So, you will be seeing this alert again and hopefully with the exact same message, THIS IS A TEST.