Friday, 12 October 2018 14:12


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Have you ever heard of a position in government and wondered, what does that person really do? Well wonder no more, The Citizens Clean Elections Commission has you covered under their How Government Works section of their website. This site breaks things down between Federal, State, Countywide and City/Town Offices. If you click on a particular office, like Mine Inspector, it will provide you with a general description of the office. In case you are curious it says, "The Arizona Mine Inspector is in charge of inspecting the safety and conditions of mines in the state to ensure the safety of the mine workers and the general public." The website will also tell you the basics of the position and the detailed rules and responsibilities. They even have a neat tool called, Find My Officials, that allows you to see all your elected officials if you enter your address. (Don't worry they don't keep your information.) So, check it out and get informed. Then tell your parents. They may not know what a Mine Inspector does either.