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Smartphones are all around you. Even if you don't own one personally chances are you still use one everyday; but are you aware of all the great features that are on that phone? Sure there are games, social media apps and of course a camera but smartphones also have great features that could potentially save your life. Did you know that you don't have to be able to unlock a smartphone to use its emergency features? If you are ever in a situation and you need help any charged smartphone will do. To get to this screen you just need to try to access the phone and use the touchscreen to hit  "Emergency" from there it will give you a keypad where you can dial 911. If you have an iPhone you can discreetly hit the volume button 5 times to make an emergency call or hit it once and drag the SOS slider on newer models. This feature also allows you to notify emergency contacts at the same time. Android phones have a similar feature that also allows the user to store personal emergency information and send out an emergency notification to contacts. To learn how to set it up visit this site.