Thursday, 24 October 2019 10:15


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If you were lucky enough to see Lizzo last night at the Van Buren than you got to hear her Billboard chart topper "Truth Hurts". Lizzo's song has been number one on Billboard's Hot 100 meaning everyone has heard it; including three men who claim that they deserve some of the royalties for its signature line "I just took a DNA test...". Melissa Jefferson, better known as Lizzo, isn't standing for it and is asking the United States District Court in Los Angeles for a declaratory judgment. A declaratory judgment is a statement by the court defining the legal relationship of the parties, and is often the first step towards a lawsuit. In this case Lizzo is asking, "the Court to rule that they have no right to co-own the work or share in its profits." Now it is up to the Court to decide. Lizzo has stated that she was inspired by a meme that was rooted in a tweet from Mina Lioness, and has now agreed to give Lioness credit and a share of the songs royalties. Why would she do that? Find out by reading "Copyright".    
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