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If you are on social media then you know about Instagram, the app that "bring[s] you closer to the people and things you love." In fact, you are likely one of the 1 billion people to have an account. But if you're one of the many teenagers who have decided to get an Instagram business profile you may be giving the world more than you intended. The business profile gives account owners access to Instagram Analytics which shows detailed metrics about their posts; which can be fun, entertaining and insightful to young users. However, it also gives people direct access to your contact information like email address and phone number. If you are a real business, this is great information for your followers to have; but, if your just curious about your stats chances are you don't want to give this info out. I mean you wouldn't just give your number to just anyone, right? Luckily, in October Instagram made it possible for business users to hide their contact information, but you need to update your profile to do so. So, if you have a business profile, have fun; but, if you don't want some to contact you remember to hide your info.
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