Thursday, 14 November 2019 11:44


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Have you ever wanted to be a police officer? Would you like to serve` your community, keep people safe and carry a badge? Being part of the police force is a noble profession but impersonating an officer can get you into a lot of trouble. Now pretending to be a police officer doesn't mean that you can't dress up like one and pretend to catch bad guys with your friends. Impersonating an officer is when you use the power or authority that an officer has to make another person do something. For example, a man in Prescott Valley put lights on his car to look like a police vehicle and used them to pull people over. The lights made people think that this man had the authority to pull them over because they thought he was a police officer. He has been arrested by the real authorities and is being charged with a felony. Head to our laws section to learn more.