Thursday, 07 September 2017 00:00


"Where words fail, music speaks."-Hans Christian Anderson Hans Christian Anderson, the author of the Little Mermaid and the story that inspired Frozen, died in 1875. He never met a 17 year old from Phoenix, Arizona named Isaiah Acosta but his quote was never more true. Isaiah was born without a lower jaw and without pathways for oxygen to enter his body. He can't eat like you or I and doctors were not optimistic about how or whether he was going to be able to live. But Isaiah has been able to thrive. The one thing he hasn't been able to do however is speak, until now. With the help of rapper Trap House and communicating through text messages and gestures Isaiah finally found his outlet, and it is powerful. With Isaiah's lyrics brought to life by Trap House, Isaiah has found his voice. Together, the two have come out with the song "Oxygen to Fly" and inspire everyone to never say Can't or Won't.