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Tuesday, 05 December 2017 00:00


"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures..." - The Constitution of the United States, Amendment 4 The Fourth Amendment is most commonly known as the amendment that gives us our constitutional right to privacy. It's the amendment that makes us feel safe. It makes sure that the government cannot simply march into our homes uninvited without following the right procedures, but what about private companies? Well, the Fourth Amendment may not apply to them in the same way it does to the police or government but private…
Friday, 01 December 2017 00:00


Lawyer dog, a trained canine versed in court proceedings and criminal law. Okay, not really; but "lawyer dog" was a big issue in a recent case decided by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Warren Demseme was being interrogated for a crime when he told police to "just give me a lawyer dog," police did not cease their interrogation, and did not provide him with an attorney but continued questioning Demseme who later made admissions to the crime. This brings up issues of Miranda rights, the ones that you constantly hear on TV (you have the right to remain silent, you have…
Wednesday, 22 November 2017 00:00


Thanksgiving is our nations most widely celebrated holiday of the year. It conjures up images of feasting, food comas and of course that silly bird bedecked with a snood, the infamous turkey! This nation loves it some turkey. In fact we consume more than 46 million turkeys each year during Thanksgiving alone. However, one lucky bird will receive a Presidential pardon this year. This tradition has roots as far back as 1863 when President Lincoln listened to the pleas of his son Tad who wanted to keep the gifted turkey as a pet. Lincoln acquiesced and granted the turkey clemency…
Thursday, 16 November 2017 00:00


Shopping online. Most of us do this on regular basis, especially now with the holidays and the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner; and if you are a person who likes a good deal chances are you may have also shopped on one of the many personal sale websites like Facebook, OfferUp or Craigslist. These sites allow people to sell object that they have directly to you, just meet up and give the person the agreed amount and you take home your prize; however, with the increase in personal sales there has also been an increase…
Thursday, 09 November 2017 00:00


On April 20, 1999 Columbine High School experienced the nation’s deadliest school shooting to date when 13 people were killed in a student lead mass shooting. Thirteen years later 20 children and 6 adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. In 2016, Townville Elementary School was besieged by a 14 year old shooter killing one 6 year old boy and just this September a 15 year old who wanted to “teach everyone a lesson” killed his own friend who tried to stop him. With so many shootings it isn’t a surprise that one school is offering a unique solution to…