Social Media as we know it today, websites and applications that a person uses to communicate with other users, started twenty years ago in 1997 with a site called Six Degrees. Since then a lot has changed and social media has become a daily, hourly, activity for its many users. With such widespread use it was only a matter of time before the law would get involved with social media. Now major applications, like Facebook, are facing controversial choices about how their sites should be used and policed and not just by their local state or even their national governments but internationally as well. Many social media sites are being asked to crack down on fake profiles for a variety of reasons such as: the spreading of fake news and hoaxes up to more personal reason such as the use of fake profiles to harass a person or revenge porn. Some social media companies are willingly complying but others are worried about the cost both of implementing the software an their users privacy and 1st Amendment rights. While the law is trying to catch up to technology the question remains should social media companies be doing more to protect their users? Let us know your thoughts on What Do You Think?
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