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Fernando Gomez


Aprende Middle School; San Tan Junior High School

Chandler, AZ

Officer Gomez understands the Vision Statement of the Chandler Police Department and the School Resource Unit, which is to promote positive and long lasting relationships for our students and the citizens we serve on a daily basis.  With this in mind, Officer Gomez has gone above and beyond in his responsibilities and duties as a School Resource Officer by exceeding the minimum required 180 teaching hours in Law Related Education.  Officer Gomez has surpassed this mark.  He has been one of the leaders in organizing the Chandler Police Department Wilderness Trip Experience for junior high kids.  This week long program teaches kids to understand nature, constructive interaction and good character. Officer Gomez' friendly demeanor and positive attitude has made him one of the most popular and looked upon Officers by students during these trips.  Students quickly warm up to Officer Gomez and quickly choose to call him by his nickname, "OG", which is short for Officer Gomez.  He is patient, firm and caring when dealing with students.  He recently transitioned to San Tan Junior High School and instantly made a positive impact at his school.  Officer Gomez changed the culture at this school and was able to work with Administration to resolve areas of concern. 

Gomez has developed or been involved in several other programs to get students engaged including a "3 on 3" basketball tournament, Chandler Police Youth Academy, and Cyber Safety classes.  The purpose of the "3 on 3" basketball tournament is to teach students the importance of honest and fair play.  In addition, Officer Gomez participates as a referee and utilizes this program to help kids maintain academic standards.  Officer Gomez works closely with teachers and school administrators and does not allow students to participate in this program who have not turned in assignments or have failing grades.  This program has been a success because students are now working harder to turn in assignments and obtain passing grades so that they can participate in "OG's" basketball tournament.  Another great example of Officer Gomez' commitment and "out of the box" thought process to help students.  He is a great asset to his department, school and community.


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