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Learn how to operate a boat safely.  Know speed limits in all areas, and where and how to tow a skier.  Know right-of-way rules.  In case of an accident, the boat driver can be held responsible.  While there is no requirement that you have a license to operate a boat, registration is required (ARS §5-321).  Operating a watercraft with a blood alcohol content of .08 or more and operating a watercraft with an illegal drug in your system is illegal (ARS §§5-395,395.01).


You can use an ATV on public lands in Arizona or on State Trust Lands, if you have a permit. An ATV does not have to be registered in Arizona, if it is operated on a dirt road in an unincorporated area of the state or at an ATV special event (ARS §28-2153(D)). ATV rider courses are available to provide you with the information necessary to safely operate your recreational vehicle. 


A valid fishing license is required of any person, except residents or non-residents under the age of 14 and blind residents, to fish in public waters (ARS §17-335). Urban fishing is available at many lakes in several cities around Arizona. Urban fishing also requires a fishing license for those over 14. 


Everyone needs a license to hunt big game in Arizona. You must possess a Pioneer License, disabled veterans license, a valid Class G General Hunting License, or Class F Combination Hunting and Fishing License, plus any required hunt permit-tags, non-permit tags or stamps (ARS §§17331(A),333).


Don’t disturb your peaceful neighborhood with wild parties. Arizona law (ARS §13-2904) defines “disorderly conduct” as:

  • Fighting, violent or seriously disruptive behavior.
  • Unreasonable noise.
  • Abusive or offensive language or gestures to any person present in a manner likely to provoke immediate physical retaliation.
  • Refusing to obey a lawful order to disperse issued to maintain public safety.
  • Recklessly handling, displaying or discharging a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

Cities and towns may also penalize other conduct.  Check your city ordinances for more information. 


Q: I didn’t even invite half these guys... they just crashed it.

A: Crashing a party is trespassing, so it is illegal. If necessary, the police can be called to remove uninvited guests (ARS §13-1504).


Laws may have changed since the last time this article was updated.  The current and most up-to-date laws can be accessed here.