Under Arizona law (A.R.S. 15-2301) every public school must prohibit hazing.

Hazing is when a student, or a group of students, who are connected with a school-organization force another student, to do an act that is either: humiliating, undignified, or could cause injury in order to become a member or maintain a membership or affiliation of that school-organization.


Hazing as defined under A.R.S. 15-2301(C)(2)

2. "Hazing" means any intentional, knowing or reckless act committed by a student, whether individually or in concert with other persons, against another student, and in which both of the following apply:

(a) The act was committed in connection with an initiation into, an affiliation with or the maintenance of membership in any organization that is affiliated with an educational institution.

(b) The act contributes to a substantial risk of potential physical injury, mental harm or degradation or causes physical injury, mental harm or personal degradation.


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