What laws do you think connect to a Halloween Safety Theme?

Laws:  curfews, trespassing, property damage, bike lights, crossing streets, rules from city ordinances, laws regulating costume safety

What interactive activities have you tried?

Small group work ideas:  

  1. Create and decorate safety tip posters using the letters of Halloween:  http://www.cdc.gov/family/halloween/
  2. Practice responding safely to risky situations that could arise while trick or treating such as if a car approaches you and someone you don't know tries to get your attention, practice moving away from the car and telling a trusted adult; 
  3. Continuum of safe and unsafe actions such as approaching a house with no porch light on; walking down dark alleys; going inside a house; running across streets; Trick or Treating in groups; crossing the streets at corners or crosswalks after looking both ways;  wearing reflective clothing or carrying a light; etc.
  4. T-chart of Respectful Behaviors and Disrespectful Behaviors (students either sort ideas you give them or create their own) such as walking on the lawn or sidewalk; kicking pumpkins or straightening a decoration you accidentally kicked; enjoying the fun atmosphere; knocking over decorations; ringing the door bell and running away; saying, "Thank you for the treats!"
  5. Brainstorm a list of safety driving tips for their parents
  6. Have groups compete taking this quiz and then create their own quiz for others: http://archive.ncpc.org/topics/halloween-safety.html



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