Encouraging Youth Engagement

04/28/2021 4:00 pm -5:30 pm

Event Overview

Join this virtual training to learn how to encourage youth engagement through authentic partnerships, shared decision-making, and inclusivity. Youth engagement is the foundation of a youth-based program. How do we, as educators and adult partners, encourage youth to be leaders in their schools and communities?

Attendees of this training will learn best practices for shared decision-making in order to build sustainable youth-adult partnerships in addition to learning tips and tricks on avoiding bias and assumptions when coaching youth. This session is a great opportunity for school educators, student focused organizations, and Teen Court leaders who would like to empower youth leaders and increase their own understanding of the youth-adult partnership.

SROs/JPOs are also invited to attend; however, please note this training does not fulfill the yearly advanced LRE Academy requirement for School Safety Program funded SROs/JPOs.

Training Objectives:

  • Building authentic and sustainable youth-adult partnerships
  • Learning about shared decision-making best practices
  • Avoiding bias and assumptions when coaching youth

Expert Facilitator:
Laura Furr, Laura Furr Consulting, will be providing insight on the youth-adult partnership and increasing youth engagement. She will also be available to answer related questions.

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