Kids Voting Arizona Workshop

04/30/2020 2:00 pm -4:00 pm

This virtual workshop is for individuals who would like to learn more about Kids Voting AZ and how to implement a school wide Kids Voting AZ 2020 Presidential Election.

Event Overview

The 2020 Presidential Election will be here before you know it!! Engage your students in a school wide Kids Voting Election and enable them to practice the importance of voting. This virtual workshop will provide participants with the essentials on planning and hosting a school wide Kids Voting election. Participants will learn how to show students the impact their vote has and allow them to take a leadership role by conducting their own polling site! Implementing a school wide election is an excellent way to creating a meaningful and memorable civics experience for you students.

Participants of this workshop will receive electronic lesson plans to prepare students to vote. Additionally, participants will receive “I Voted” stickers for their students, 8 voting booths (participants who attend from the same school will receive a total of 8 voting booths), and additional resources that will assist in implementing a school wide Kids Voting election. Kids Voting AZ staff will be available to answer questions relating to hosting a Kids Voting election.


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