Project Citizen Training

This training is for educators who serve an upper elementary, middle and/or high school population. Educators new to the Project Citizen program are invited to this one day training that will assist them in implementing this curriculum in their 5th-12th grade classroom.

SROs/JPOs are invited to attend; however, please note this training does not fulfill the yearly advanced LRE Academy requirement for School Safety Program funded SROs/JPOs.

Event Overview

Participants will learn how to implement inquiry into their classroom through the Project Citizen program. Project Citizen helps teachers and students understand public policy and empowers them to create change in their community. By aligning to the new AZ History and Social Science Standards, teachers will be able to take students through all elements of inquiry found in the new standards, from asking questions, researching and using evidence, to communicating conclusions and taking informed action. Project Citizen incorporates cooperative learning, interdisciplinary skills and content, performance assessments, and is a model for project based learning.  

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