State or Federal

Zoos enable people to visit all kinds of animals. Some feel that it isn’t right to keep certain animals in captivity, while others feel it is a way to preserve wild animals. Canada has a proposed law making it illegal to keep elephants and great apes in zoos. Read more here and here!

Do you think the U.S. should continue to keep elephants and apes in zoos?


In May 2016, the Obama Administration enacted a policy that was intended to prohibit the discrimination of transgender students in public schools. The nationwide policy allowed transgender students to use bathrooms on campus that aligned with their gender identity. In February 2017, the Trump Administration cancelled this policy and has determined that each state should enact their own policies regarding transgender bathrooms.

Should each state be responsible for protecting a student's rights?


In April 2021, Governor Doug Ducey approved House Bill 2705 that prohibits school district governing boards, charter school governing bodies, and public schools from creating a dress code policy that prohibits students from wearing tribal regalia at their graduation ceremony. Read more here! Also read HB2705.

Should other states join Arizona in passing laws allowing students to wear their tribal regalia at graduation ceremonies?


Arizona Law requires students between 6 and 16 to attend school.  5 unexcused absences during the school year is considered “Habitually Truant”.  If a student is absent 10% of the required school days, it is considered “Excessive Absence”.  Parents can be charged with a Class 3 Misdemeanor with a possible max. 30 days jail sentence or max. $300 fine.  See Arizona Revised statute 15-803.

Do you think parents should be responsible for their student’s truancy?


In Arizona, kindergarten is not required for children under the age of six. It is optional for parents to enroll their children in kindergarten classes. Read more here!

Do you think students should be required to enroll in kindergarten before attending first grade?


Some schools will offer online learning and some will offer in-person learning. Arizonans have protested both options. On one side, the public wants to have the choice to send their students to school and feel that the risks of students staying home are worse than the risks associated with students getting exposed to COVID-19 at school. Read more here. On the other side, the public wants to take extra precautions when it comes to their students’ health and feel that all benchmarks must be met in order for students to return to school. Read more here.

Do you think that schools should offer both in-person learning and online learning right away from the first day of school?


In April 2019, the Arizona Governor signed the Financial Literacy Bill, S.B. 1184, into law creating a new requirement for high school students to pass a financial literacy class in order to graduate. The law requires at least one-half of a course credit in economics and that class must include financial literacy and personal financial management. Read more here!

Do you think that a personal finance class should be required to graduate high school?


House Bill 2119 passed in May 2019, requiring schools to create policies and procedures for reporting crimes and threatening conduct. Specifically, the schools are required to alert parents of students involved in this behavior. Read more here!

Do you think this requirement will help prevent school violence?


In January 2018 several students from an Arizona Junior High School posted a video to SnapChat that showed them chanting racist comments. The school chose not to discipline the students at school since the incident did not occur on school campus. Many of the school community members are angry about the school’s decision. Read more here!

Do you think schools should be able to discipline students for online posts to social media made off of school campus?


In April 2017, the state of New York approved free tuition for students whose families make less than $100,000 a year. New York is the first state to offer free tuition for public colleges and universities in their state. To qualify for free tuition, students must make good grades, be enrolled full time and average at least 30 credits a year. 

Do you think Arizona should offer free tuition for public colleges and universities for Arizona residents?


A high school student in Alabama invited his grandmother to his school prom as his date. The school will not allow the student to bring his grandmother to the dance due to maximum age restrictions. The school has stated that the restrictions are in place to protect the students at the dance. Read more here!

Do you support the school's decision to deny the student's grandmother entry to the prom?


On April 5, 2018, Governor Ducey signed a bill that requires schools to provide at least 2 recess periods for students in grades kindergarten through 5th. Additionally, schools could not remove recess as a consequence for behavior unless the student's parent pre-approved the consequence. Read more here! Also read SB1083.

Do you support the proposed recess bill?


Starting in the Fall semester of 2018, Arizona elementary schools will be required to teach cursive handwriting through the 5th grade. Read more here! 

Do you think students should be required to learn cursive?

1st Amendment

In June 2021, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a former cheerleader who wrote a Snapchat post that included profanity about her school, is protected by the First Amendment. The Court decided that schools have the power to punish student speech that occurs online if it disrupts classroom study but did not find the former cheerleader’s post to be disruptive. Read more here!

Do you think students have the right to use social media off campus to post their opinions about school without consequences from school administrators?


In August 2016, Colin Kaepernick, who at the time was a quarterback for the 49ers football team, decided to kneel during the National Anthem that is played prior to the start of the game. Mr. Kaepernick has stated that he has chosen to kneel as a protest against oppression and police brutality.

Do you think that kneeling during the National Anthem is an appropriate way to protest?


In recent events, high school students have staged ‘walk-outs’ and protests in an effort to show their displeasure with political events and/or candidates.

Do you support the students’ right to peaceful protest?


An act amending the existing fireworks statute was introduced in the Senate in 2021 (but later died) that would prohibit the use of fireworks on all days from the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am. Read more here!  

Do you think fireworks should be banned during specific times of the night/morning?


On January 1, 2021, Arizona’s minimum wage increased from $12 to $12.15 an hour. Flagstaff’s minimum wage increased to $15 an hour.  Read more about Flagstaff’s minimum wage here. Those who support the increase say that it is essential for workers to make a living wage. Those who oppose the increase argue that some small business owners cannot afford to pay workers more. Read more about both sides here!

Do you support the increase in Arizona’s minimum wage?


There is a resolution in the Arizona House of Representatives to proclaim April 5, “Golden Rule Day”  starting in 2022. The proclamation encourages Arizonans to treat others the way they would like to be treated. Currently there are 8 Golden Rule Cities in Arizona that celebrate April 5. Read more here!

Do you think this proclamation will help people treat each other with kindness?


On April 10, 2018, Governor Doug Ducey approved Senate Bill 1517 that made Sonorasaurus the State Dinosaur. The bill was inspired by an 11 year old boy who wrote a letter to Governor Ducey advocating for the state symbol. 42 states have state dinosaurs or fossils. Read more here! Also read SB1517.

Do you think Arizona should have a state dinosaur?

Status Offenses

The National Youth Rights Association is advocating for opposition of curfew laws. They site reasons such as violation of youth rights, curfews not effective in reducing juvenile crime, and curfews punish non-criminal youth behavior. Read more here! Currently, Arizona allows for each city or town to enact their own curfew ordinances. The intent is to prevent juveniles from being victims of crime. Learn more about Arizona curfews here!

Do you think having a curfew keeps youth safe?


Juvenile Justice

In Arizona, youth can be adjudicated (receive a judgement in court) in juvenile court between the ages of 8-17. Read more here!

Do you think age 8 is the appropriate age to charge someone with a crime?


In May 2018 Governor Ducey signed a bill that allowed youth who are 17 and accused of a crime to remain in the juvenile justice system until the age of 19. Previously, a youth could be transferred to adult court if they were 17 at the time of the alleged criminal action. Read more here! 

Should youth be allowed to remain in juvenile justice system until they are 19?


Instagram has a new flagging feature to report false posts, inappropriate content and false information. To reduce the amount of misinformation around Covid-19, major social media platforms have taken steps to remove conspiracy theories, inaccurate health advice, cures and myths relating to the pandemic. Read more here and here!

Do you feel this monitoring helps people be better informed?


Schools in Arizona are required to have policies for bullying, intimidation and harassment on school property or school sponsored events. Arizona does not require schools to have anti-bullying policies for cyberbullying that occurs off school campus. Read more here and here!

Do you think Arizona schools should give consequences for cyberbullying that occurs off school campus?


In 1994, The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) was formed by a coalition of the major video game publishers with the goal of creating a ratings system. The initial system created had 5 categories.  The categories later expanded to seven. Read More!

Do you think the ESRB rating system should be required on all video games and apps?


Social media sites, such as Facebook, are facing the issue of fake profiles, fake news, and other harmful actions. Some people believe it is the responsibility of the social media site to take action to prevent the controversial acts and others think that the user posting the material should be held responsible. Read more here!

Do you think social media sites should be responsible for monitoring and preventing harmful actions on their site?

Drug Use

Lawsuits are being filed from Arizona School Districts and an Arizona teen against the company Juul. The claims are that Juul’s advertisements are directed at youth and are contributing to teen nicotine addiction. Read more here!

Do you feel Juul advertisements contribute to teen nicotine addiction?


After a national outbreak in vaping-related illnesses and deaths, Goodyear has become the first city in Arizona to raise the legal vaping age to 21 years old. As of September 23rd 2019, there is a prohibition on sales of tobacco smoking and vaping materials to anyone under 21 years, as well as a ban on smoking and vaping at public parks/trails and at school/school events. Read more here!

Do you think Arizona should make this a statewide law?


In July 2017, New Jersey raised the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21. Arizona's current law states that you must be 18 to purchase tobacco products. 

Do you think Arizona should raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products to 21?


In May, 2016, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) announced a regulation that would prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 and require a photo I.D. to purchase them. This regulation went into effect on August 08, 2016. 

Do you agree with the FDA to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors?

Traffic Laws

Limos are hired during prom season to transport couples to the celebration. New York’s governor signed new bills into law regulating limousine safety features, such as seatbelts, due to a fatal limousine crash involving 20 people. Arizona passengers are not required to wear seat belts in the backseat of any vehicle, if over 16. Read more here!

Do you think Arizona should have a law requiring all passengers to wear seat belts?


In January 2019, a new bill was proposed that will ban texting while driving for Arizona residents. The civil penalties start at $100 and could have a maximum penalty of $10,000. Read about HB 2069. Read more about distracted driving bills here!

Do you think Arizona should make it illegal for all drivers to text while driving?


An amendment to the Arizona Revised Statute on reckless driving is being introduced in the House. The added words will include anyone who participates in distracting the safe operation of the vehicle. Read about HB 2165.

Do you think passengers should be held accountable for distracted driving?


Some cities in Arizona allow companies to rent bikes and motorized scooters for people to use as they move about the city. Patrons can rent the item through an app and then leave it in any legal parking area when finished. Supporters enjoy the ease of renting environmentally friendly transportation to get to their destination but opponents claim that riders are not complying with city ordinances and creating a hazard. Read more here!

Do you support allowing scooter rental and bike sharing programs?


Senate Bill 1080 states that teenage drivers cannot utilize their cell phone while driving within the first 6 months of getting their driver's license. The proposed bill does allow the use of audible GPS however, the GPS destination cannot be entered or adjusted while the vehicle is in motion. Read more here! Also read SB1080

Do you agree that new teenage drivers should not be able to use their cell phone?


In November 2016, five students in Tennessee were fatally injured when their school bus was involved in an accident. Currently, Arizona laws do not require school buses to use seat belts.

Do you think students on school buses should be required to use seat belts?


4th Amendment

In November 2017, Facebook announced that they are utilizing an artificial intelligence program to monitor the social media site for patterns. For example, patterns that signal a suicidal user will result in an alert to first responders. Users cannot opt out of the program.  Facebook plans on expanding their program outside of the United States; however, they cannot implement the program in the European Union due to privacy laws. Read more here!

Do you think the United States should allow Facebook to monitor their site for patterns?

Civil Responsibility

Arizona Senate Bill 2494 prevents people from being arrested or sued if they use reasonable force to remove an animal or child left in a hot car. The bill states that people would need to first believe in good faith that the animal or child was in a harmful situation, notify the proper authorities before entering the vehicle, and stay with the victim until the authorities arrive. Governor Ducey signed the bill on May 11, 2017. Read more here! Also read SB2494

Do you support the bill that would allow people to intervene to remove children and animals from hot cars?

Voting Laws

Currently, citizens must be 18 to vote. Advocates for lowering the voting age to 16 state that youth should have the ability to help decide how their country should be shaped since they will be directly affected when they become adults. Opponents state that youth will not have the knowledge they need to make an informed vote. 

Do you think the voting age should be lowered to 16?


Singer/Actor Justin Timberlake recently (November 2016) took a selfie while voting early using a voting booth in Tennessee. He then posted the picture on social media with a message encouraging others to get out and vote. Taking pictures inside a voting booth is illegal in Tennessee and Justin Timberlake may face legal consequences. In Tennessee, the crime is a misdemeanor and consequences could include up to 30 days in jail and a $50 fine.  

Do you think voting booth selfies should be illegal?


In January 2017, the Senate Committee in New Jersey approved a bill that would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to get married. In Arizona, the law states that anyone aged 16 & 17 can get married with their parent's permission. If under the age of 16, marriage is allowed if they have their parent's permission AND the approval of a superior court judge.

Do you think Arizona should allow youth under the age of 18 to get married?


A high school student in Casa Grande was taking pictures as a finalist for his school’s all male beauty contest. The student wore 8 inch high heeled platform shoes and short shorts for the photos. However, when the picture was featured in the school promotions, his photo was altered to picture the student wearing pants and dress shoes. The student feels he is facing discrimination.

Do you agree with the student that the altered picture is an act of discrimination?


In December 2016, a man with a natural beard similar to Santa Claus, wearing a Santa hat and Christmas vest, was visiting an amusement park in California. When asked by a parent to take a photo with their children, the Santa look-alike posed for the picture and handed the young children candy canes. The amusement park employees asked the Santa look-alike to leave for breaking a park rule. For security reasons, the amusement park does not allow non employees to dress in costume while at the park. **In Arizona, a person must leave if asked by the property owner or they can be in violation of trespass laws.

Do you support the amusement park's decision to ask the Santa look-alike to leave?


President Elect, Donald Trump, is interested in serving as the Executive Producer on the reality t.v. show ‘The Apprentice’. Many are concerned about his involvement in the show since his administration will oversee media corporations. Others support his involvement stating that the president will either not work directly on the show or will only work on the show in his spare time.

Do you think President Elect, Donald Trump, should be allowed to maintain his involvement with ‘The Apprentice’?

School Athletics

Two schools in Arizona were scheduled to compete in a soccer game. Both teams have mostly male players however, one of the teams had 2 girls on it. The opposing team refused to play unless the two girls were removed from the game. 

Do you support the school's decision to request that the 2 girls be excluded from the game?


Actress Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical, Grease Live) may have to pay a fine and pay restitution or appear in court for carving her name and the name of her boyfriend into red rock in Sedona. The incident occurred in February 2016 around Valentine’s Day. Damaging a natural feature on U.S. Forest Service land is a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and a maximum $5,000 fine.

Do you think Vanessa Hudgens should be held responsible?


Effective October 1, 2021, individuals who are 18 and older must have an Arizona Travel ID or a U.S. passport for domestic airline travel or to enter restricted federal buildings and military bases. Simply having a standard Arizona driver’s license will not work. Read more here. The Arizona Travel ID was created to comply with the REAL ID Act of 2005. The purpose is to increase security and make identification documents more consistent and secure across the country. Learn more here!

Do you think that having an Arizona Travel ID or U.S. Passport should be a requirement for domestic travel?