State or Federal

Currently, there is no restriction on the number of times someone can be elected to Congress. Some people think that Congressional term limits would foster new ideas and prevent corruption. Others argue that experienced lawmakers, who have served multiple terms, contribute valuable expertise and stability to Congress. Read more here!

Do you think there should be a limit on how many terms a member of Congress can serve?

In June 2022, President Biden signed into law the Keep Kids Fed Act, which extends funding for the National School Lunch Program. While the new law extends funding, it ends the practice put in place at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic that provided free meals for all students. Some argue that free meals should be continued to help students, while others disagree and argue that it is expensive and wasteful. Read more here!

Do you think that the government should continue to provide free school lunches for all students?

Zoos enable people to visit all kinds of animals. Some feel that it isn’t right to keep certain animals in captivity, while others feel it is a way to preserve wild animals. Canada has a proposed law making it illegal to keep elephants and great apes in zoos. Read more here and here!

Do you think the U.S. should continue to keep elephants and apes in zoos?

In May 2016, the Obama Administration enacted a policy that was intended to prohibit the discrimination of transgender students in public schools. The nationwide policy allowed transgender students to use bathrooms on campus that aligned with their gender identity. In February 2017, the Trump Administration cancelled this policy and has determined that each state should enact their own policies regarding transgender bathrooms.

Should each state be responsible for protecting a student's rights?