There's a world of legal knowledge waiting to be explored, and exciting law-related contests can you develop your skills in a fun and rewarding way. These contests aren't just about memorizing facts; they encourage critical thinking, public speaking, and research abilities. So, dust off your legal cap, investigate upcoming constests, and see if you have what it takes to be a champion for law and justice!

James Madison Legacy Project
PC Portfolios

Students research community issues, propose policy solutions, and present them to classmates or the community.

James Madison Legacy Project
9th Circuit Civics Contest

A contest where students discuss the impact of the landmark Brown v Board of Eduaction decision.

James Madison Legacy Project
AZ Law Day Contest

Students brainstorm potential solutions to problems facing their local schools.

Courtroom Artist Contest Icon
Courtroom Artist Contest

Students submit live courtroom illustrations to be judged in this statewide competition.