LRE Academy

The Arizona Bar Foundation, creator & developer of, provides professional development training for Arizona:

  • K-12 Educators
  • Administrators
  • Detention Centers
  • Juvenile Probation Officers
  • School Resource Officers
  • School Safety Officers

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Academies (Free for Everyone)

Learn more and register for training that is free for everyone.

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Academies (Free for SSP Only)

Learn more and register for training. Free for School Safety Program Officers.

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Free LRE Resources

Order free educational resources.

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Grant Opportunities

Small grants available to assist law related education programs.

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LRE Games

Introduce or reinforce civic and law related topics in a fun and engaging way.

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LRE Lessons

Free downloadable lessons for K-12 classrooms.

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LRE Videos

Introduce or reinforce a topic in a method of interest to youth.

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Nominate an LRE Officer of the Year

Nominate an Officer who has an exceptional LRE program.

Arizona School Safety Program
School Safety Program

The SSP consists of officers, counselors, and social workers assigned to schools to enhance safe and effective learning environments.

Stronger Connections
Stronger Connections

Stronger Connections fosters school safety through training School Safety Officers.

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Training Faculty

Learn more about the LRE Academy faculty.