Stronger Connections

The Stronger Connections Grant program supports the school safety needs for Arizona schools. It has been established within the Arizona Department of Education to provide resources to ‘High-Need LEAs’ to hire, train, and support effective School Safety Officers (SSOs) for their school(s). These federally funded SSOs, may be a peace officer or a full-authority reserve peace officer who is certified by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. SSOs will perform the same duties as a School Resource Officer (SRO) as required by existing School Safety Grant protocol, albeit in an off-duty or extra-duty capacity versus a full-time capacity. This provides much needed local flexibility, and would be appropriate for schools that could not find SROs in their communities. 

Through a collaborative partnership, the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Bar Foundation provide Stronger Connections Grant program sites that have been awarded SSOs with training, resources, and technical assistance to help them effectively meet the goals and objectives of this program.

To see if your school is a Stronger Connections Grant funded site, click on the following site list.

arizona department of education
Arizona Department of Education

Connect to the Arizona Department of Education's Schol Safety Program website.

ask the expert
Ask The Expert

Register here for online workshops that connect sites to experts on various school related topics.

For the Classroom
For the Classroom

LawForKids offers resources to assist educators in teaching students about the law.

LRE Academy
LRE Academy

The LRE Academy equips educators with research based tools to effectively implement law related education.

lre resources
LRE Free Resources

Order free educational resources.

LRE Lessons

Free downloadable lessons!.

lre videos
LRE Videos

Introduce or reinforce a law related topic in a method of interest to youth.

nominate an officer
Nominate an LRE Officer of the Year

Nominate an officer who has an exceptional LRE program.

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SCG Guidance Manual

Learn more information, including requirements.

activity log
SSP Activity Log

Access the ADE approved activity log.

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Learn more and register for the required SCG trainings.