In May 2021, the former Governor of Arizona, Governor Ducey, signed a bill into law that allows local community colleges the opportunity to offer four-year degrees in certain programs. This expanded opportunities for all students by providing them with more skills and preparing them to join the workforce. Read more here!

Do you think that more students will take classes at local Arizona community colleges as a result of this law?

In 2021, the Arizona Legislature approved the Promise Program to help low-income students who are Arizona residents and graduates of an Arizona high school, pay for college. The program will provide eligible students with guaranteed scholarships to cover tuition and fees at Arizona public universities. Read more here!

Do you think more students will graduate from college in Arizona as a result of the Promise Program?

In April 2017, the state of New York approved free tuition for students whose families make less than $100,000 a year. New York is the first state to offer free tuition for public colleges and universities in their state. To qualify for free tuition, students must make good grades, be enrolled full time and average at least 30 credits a year.

Do you think Arizona should offer free tuition for public colleges and universities for Arizona residents?