The School Safety Program is established within the Arizona Department of Education to support, promote, and enhance safe and effective learning environments for all students by supporting the costs of placing school resource officers, juvenile probation officers, school counselors, and school social workers on school campuses. Through a collaborative partnership, the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Bar Foundation provide School Safety Program sites who have been awarded SROs or JPOs with training, resources and technical assistance to help them effectively meet the goals and objectives outlined in the Arizona School Safety Program Guidance Manual.

School Safety Program officers maintain a visible presence on campus; deter delinquent and violent behaviors; serve as an available resource to the school community; and provide students and staff with Law-Related Education (LRE) instruction and training. The goal of LRE is to prepare students for responsible citizenship by promoting the development of those characteristics that lead to healthy behavior. LRE is the instruction about rules, laws and the legal system which actively involves the students towards its goal.

To see if your school is a School Safety Program funded site, click on the following site lists.


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