Juveniles are given time on their unit to write letters to their family and friends.  All letters received are checked for contraband (but not read) in the presence of the juvenile before being delivered.  Juveniles may not write to or receive letters from anyone on probation or parole.


Juveniles are permitted up to 2 phone calls a week; the length of time is based on their level.  Each phone call must be dialled by the unit staff and approved by the Probation Officer. Inappropriate language is not permitted. Long distance calls are not permitted unless dialled collect.

Juveniles may call their attorney when needed with no time restrictions.

Juveniles who have allegedly committed a delinquent act are escorted by police through this entrance. The police officer drives their vehicle through a secured driveway into a specialized parking area.  A Detention Officer from the Youth Justice Center must open the door from the inside. Once inside, the juveniles are released from police custody into the care of the Youth Justice Center. Once in Youth Justice Center, detention officers are responsible for the juvenile and the juvenile is expected to follow the rules of the Youth Justice Center.

In addition to school, youth are given 1 hour physical activity 7 days a week. All juveniles are given the option to participate in all exercise activities while unit staff supervises. Physical contact is not permitted. Staff provides structured physical activities for juveniles.

The outdoor recreation area (pictured on top) consists of: 1) Full length basketball court 2) Sand/Beach volleyball court 3) Picnic areas 4) Track 5) Football/soccer field

The secured recreation area is adjacent to the housing units and is fully enclosed. It is used primarily for juveniles who are on a special behavior management plan.

All meals are eaten on the unit under the supervision of unit staff. All food is well-balanced and meant to provide the proper nutrition. Breakfast and lunch are served with 1 single serving of 2% white milk and dinner is served with 1 serving of 1% chocolate and 1 serving of 2% white milk. If needed, meals will be provided that meet special dietary needs. Special dietary needs may include medical, religious and/or vegetarian reasons.