IN THIS PHOTO: From left to right closer row - Gregory F., Juvenile Probation Officer; Mayela T., Translator; Parents; You would sit in the empty seat between the Deputy Public Defender and a parent or guardian; Katherine S., Deputy Public Defender, Barbara C., Bailiff; Tysia N., Clerk of Court. From left to right further row - Kim H., Court Reporter; Heather M., witness; Judge Samuel Thumma

In the Courtroom

The judge will sit at the front of the courtroom behind the bench. There also will be an attorney representing the government (called a prosecutor) and, for most charges, an attorney representing the juvenile. Others in the courtroom include a clerk (who prepares the court's orders, among other things) and a bailiff (who helps schedule and process the cases in the courtroom, among other things). A judicial assistant helps schedule and process the cases as well, but usually is not in the courtroom. There may be other people in the courtroom as well, including a Juvenile Probation Officer; a court reporter (who uses a machine to record every word spoken); an interpreter (to translate what is being said for participants who do not understand English or who cannot hear) and other people who are watching the hearing.