The individual use, discharge or ignition of fireworks is not allowed without a permit.

 10.1.4.  Explosives

It is unlawful for any person within the limits of the City to blast or use powder, fireworks or other explosives without a permit from the fire chief in writing.

11.2.9.  Park and  Facility Use

(O-06-06; O-93-15)

Any person or group of persons may use any park, recreation facility or public right-of-way for any recreational purpose not prohibited herein provided such park, facility or public right-of-way has not been reserved by the City or another user for a scheduled group activity, subject to the conditions listed below

Any permittee using a park, recreational facility or public right-of-way shall be required to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Bisbee from any and all liabilities for damages to persons or property.

  1. Individuals, businesses or organizations wishing to use a park, recreational facility, or public right-of-way for events and activities that are excluded from the City's insurance coverage are required to provide proof of insurance in an amount no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000).  The following activities, and other high risk functions, must provide a policy that expressly identifies the City of Bisbee as an additional insured: 

    a) motor vehicle races/events

    b) stunts

    c) demolition derbies

    d) mechanically-operated amusement devices

    e) rodeos

    f) liquor and beer sales

    g) fireworks displays

  2. A Hold Harmless Agreement shall be completed and signed as a part of the application and permit process.
  3. No additional certificate of insurance will be required if the City co-sponsors an event.


Laws may have changed since the last time this article was updated.  The current and most up-to-date laws can be accessed here.