Friday, 14 June 2019 09:32


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Deepfakes are becoming more and more common and their use is raising many questions; especially what is a deepfake? A deepfake is when someone uses technology to alter a video or recording to make it seem like the real thing it is impersonating. That sounds a little vague so lets put it in context. A person could create a video of a celebrity, news personality or your teacher and make them say or do something that they didn't do or say. People make deepfakes for all sorts of reasons the same way that people use cameras and computers for all purposes. The issue with deepfakes is that the technology has advanced to such a point that it is becoming hard to tell what is real and what is fake. What used to only be possible in movies is now happening all across the internet. However, researchers are coming up with new technology to help identify deepfakes by analyzing light, shadow and micro expressions. So, remember the next time you are watching a video question if what you are watching is real or if it's fake. Read "Learning How to Spot Fake News" to sharpen your sleuthing skills.