"Young people encouraging and promoting engaged future voters in Arizona communities."

Blythe Brown


Blythe is extremely honored and excited to be a part of the Kids Voting Leadership Council as Chairman. She is eager to promote civic education to Arizona students and cultivate educated voters within her own generation. She is in her senior year and intends to study Public Leadership and Policy in college. In her free time, she is an avid runner and reader.

Lydia Rogers 

Recording Secretary

Lydia is returning to KVLC for her second year as recording secretary. She has decided to come back because she hopes to spread education about voting and the availability of voting.

Yasmin Albomohammed 

Council Member

Yasmin is a junior and joined Arizona Kids Voting Council to learn more about the voting process and help educate other youth about the importance of voting. She believes our country needs to have people who take the time to understand the issues. Yasmin loves sports and has played volleyball and softball. She plans to be a pediatric nurse.

Isabela Alvarado Saldivar

Council Member

Isabela is very excited to be part of the Kids Voting once again. She looks forward to helping educate even more kids about the voting process. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends as well as playing sports like volleyball and softball.

Keone Amanonce

Council Member

Keone is excited to be part of the Kids Voting Leadership Council this year. He is in sixth grade and, having been in student council for three years with this year as his school's President, he is interested in learning more about voting and leadership in Arizona. In his free time, Keone likes to play football and hang out with his friends.

Keeley Fallstrom

Council Member

Keeley is 11 years old and joined the Kids Voting program to learn about the government. "My interest in Government is due to the fact that as an adult we will need to understand it in order to make sure that we are active members of our society."

Amir Gidado

Council Member

Amir is 12 years old and a gifted student at a public school in the West Valley. "I am very curious and love to learn. When I got the opportunity to participate in Kids Voting, I knew that I would have a chance to have real world experiences to learn about my government, and that was exciting."

Dayana Guerrero 

Council Member

Dayana is glad to be a part of Kids Voting and can't wait to help inform kids and adults alike about the importance of voting. In her free time, she likes to spend time with family and friends.

Orlando Perez

Council Member

Orlando is happy to be a member of the Kids Voting Leadership Council. Although he's in sixth grade, this is his first year in Student Council at his school. As the Vice President, he is excited to learn more about civics and citizenship. Orlando likes to play football and soccer in his free time.

Jaylah Rivera

Council Member

Jayla is a junior who decided to join Kids Voting Arizona because "we are all given a voice and through voting, we have to have the chance to exercise that voice. I want to use my voice to encourage and educate others on the importance of voting and being involved."