Thursday, 05 January 2017 00:00


Many teens think of Uber as an easy way to get from point A to point B without having to ask for a ride. But, for one teen it changed the course of her life. A 16 year old girl was rescued from her pimp when her Uber driver called the police after overhearing a suspicious conversation. Thanks to him one less person is suffering this fate. Many teens do not believe that this sort of thing can happen to them or people they know but with the advent of the internet it is even easier for young people to get into the same situation as this 16 year old girl. Learn to recognize the "Signs of Human Trafficking" here.      
Tuesday, 13 December 2016 00:00


Starting January 1, 2017 minimum wage will increase to $10.00 an hour. What does this mean? If you are not currently receiving at least $10 per hour you may be getting a raise. Congratulation you! However, there are a couple of exceptions so before you race off to speak with your boss read this article to see if it applies to you.  
Thursday, 22 December 2016 00:00


The New Year is quickly approaching and with it the local firework tents are popping up all across Arizona. The laws surrounding fireworks are particularly complicated because they are different from city to city and also by the types of fireworks that are permissible. To make things a little easier this season LawForKids has created My Streets section that has many of the local fireworks laws listed, just follow this link.
Tuesday, 20 December 2016 00:00


This time of year people are spending more and now with the convenience of technology we can check on our phones to see how our bank balance is doing. But is it safe? It turns out the answer is a little more complicated than yes or no.Luckily, Safe & Secure Mobile Banking, has the answers for you in detail so you can protect yourself while still keeping your finances in check.
Monday, 12 December 2016 00:00


If you wanted to, do you think you could sing Adele’s “Hello” or Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” record it, make copies, sell it for money, and keep all the profits? Do you think you could open a restaurant, put a big Golden Arches out front, and call it “McDonald’s”? Do you think you could take apart a Samsung Galaxy S, figure out how works, open a factory, and sell your own smartphones?Do you know that by doing these things you’d be breaking the law? And, if so, do you know why? If not take a look at the new Intellectual Property section on LawforKids to learn more about the laws and ideas that make up intellectual property.  
Friday, 09 December 2016 00:00


The mannequin challenge like so many challenges before it has gone viral. Everyone is doing it! But this week the mannequin challenge resulted in the arrest of a couple of challengees who posted a video of fake gunfight. The video, which was posted and reposted thousands of times, ultimately found the way into the hands of the local sheriff's office who wondered if all the 19 weapons shown were possessed legally. After executing the warrant the police officers found more than just some illegal weapons and arrested Terry Brown and Kenneth Fennell White on charges ranging from being a felon in possession of a firearm to possession of drug paraphernalia. This particular incident happened in Alabama, but the same charges exist here in Arizona. So, the next time you think about participating in the mannequin challenge remember who can view that trending feed and check out the laws section to be sure you don't become the nightly news.  
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 00:00


In November 2016, voters increased Arizona’s existing minimum wage and added an employer paid sick leave requirement by approving Proposition 206 - the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Initiative. This publication explains the minimum wage increase.  
Monday, 21 November 2016 00:00


Thanksgiving has been celebrated since the 17th century but was not declared an official holiday until Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill into law on November 26, 1941 declaring Thanksgiving to be held on the fourth (or last) Thursday in November. Since the last Thursday and not a specific date was declared as the holiday the actual date itself changes from year to year but always remains in the same time period in November. Before the law was created Thanksgiving had been celebrated on a number of different days by different presidents. FDR himself attempted to change the holiday to November 23, the next to last Thursday in November, but the public was reluctant to follow the proclamation. After a couple of years of trying FDR conceded to the public and established the holiday we know today. Would you like to see other legal holidays for Arizona? They are listed in A.R.S. 1-301.      
Wednesday, 16 November 2016 00:00


In September, Pitch a new series on FOX was launched about the first woman in Major League Baseball. Eight episodes in and the show is going strong. While Pitch is still make believe and a woman president didn't happen this year these two ideas show the tremendous strides that women equality has achieved over the years. Even as little as 44 years ago women were treated differently in schools. They weren't allowed to play on sports teams or be part of other "male" activities. That all changed on June 23, 1972 when Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was signed in to law. This piece of legislation marked a shift for women's equality and made it mandatory for women to be given equal access to academic and athletic opportunities regardless of gender. This legislation has given you the school systems and opportunities you understand today and a hope that Pitch and ideas like it will be a reality of tomorrow.      
Wednesday, 09 November 2016 00:00


The election is over and soon the United States will have a new president. While you were watching the news you may have noticed that they covered what was happening by state and they kept referring to numbers, especially 270. That is because in order for a new president to be elected they need to receive 270 electoral votes from the electoral college. Electoral what? you may be asking. Follow this link and learn more about the Electoral College.