You may have noticed a sign somewhere around your school that says “Drug Free School Zone”. Have you ever wondered what exactly this sign means or where it comes from?

Drug Free School Zones were created by a law in Arizona. The full text of the law is long and can be a little hard to understand. Basically, the law says that it is illegal to sell, make, or even have drugs in a Drug Free School Zone.

Who does the Drug Free School Zone law apply to?

The law applies to everyone. It is illegal for anyone to sell, make, or possess drugs in a drug free zone.

What kind of drugs is the law talking about?

The law specifically says that marijuana, peyote, prescription-only drugs, dangerous drugs or narcotic drugs are illegal in Drug Free School Zones.

Does a Drug Free School zone just mean school?

A Drug Free School zone is actually much bigger than just school. The law says that a Drug Free School Zone includes school, the area within 300 feet of school, and any public property within 1,000 feet of school. The law even says that a school bus stop or a school bus is a Drug Free School Zone!

What happens to someone who breaks the law?

Having illegal drugs is a felony, which means that it is a serious crime with serious punishment, like time in jail or expensive fines. Having illegal drugs in a Drug Free Zone is treated even more seriously by the law - this means even more time in jail and more expensive fines.