The individual use, discharge or ignition of fireworks is not allowed.

Permits may be granted by the fire chief or designee for conducting a supervised public display of fireworks.

Sale of fireworks – Fireworks cannot be sold to a person under 16 years old.

 Section 11-1-3 Explosives

  1. It is unlawful for any person within the limits of the Town to blast or use powder, fireworks or other explosives without a permit from the chief of police in writing.

Section 11-5-1 Definitions

For purposes of this Article, the following definitions shall apply, unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:

A. FEDERALLY DEREGULATED NOVELTY ITEMS are those known as snappers, snap caps, party poppers, glow worms snake, toy smoke devices, sparklers, and similar items that are not otherwise classified by ARS 36-1601 (3) (b) (iii) as "fireworks".

B. FIREWORKS are those devices defined by ARS 36-1601 (3) (a) that include both consumer firework and display fireworks, which are Articles prepared for the purpose of producing a visible or audible effect by combustion, explosion, deflagration or detonation.

C. PERMISSIBLE CONSUMER FIREWORKS are those items defined by ARS 36- 1601 (5) that include ground and hand-held sparkling devices; cylindrical fountains; cone fountains; illuminating torches; wheels ground spinners; flitter sparklers; toy smoke devices; wire sparklers or dipped sticks; multiple fireworks devices and pyrotechnic Articles. "Permissible consumer fireworks" does not Chapter 11 Offenses Page 12 of 13 Printed September 2014 include anything that is designed or intended to rise into the air and explode or to detonate in the air or to fly above the ground, including, for example, firework items commonly known as bottle rockets, skyrockets, missile-type rockets, helicopters, torpedoes, roman candles, and jumping jacks.

D. PERSON includes an individual, partnership, firm or corporation.

E. SUPERVISED PUBLIC DISPLAY means a monitored performance of display fireworks open to the public and authorized by permit by the Fire Marshal or his designee.

Section 11-5-2 Prohibition on the Use and Sale of Fireworks in Town Limits; Sale of Permissible Consumer Fireworks

A. It is unlawful to sell, offer or expose for sale, use, explode, or possess any fireworks in the municipal limits of the Town of Quartzsite, other than permissible consumer fireworks and federally deregulated novelty items as may be listed by law.

B. Permissible consumer fireworks shall not be used, exploded or ignited within the Town limits.

C. A person shall not sell or permit or authorize the sale of permissible consumer fireworks to a person who is under 16 years of age.

D. The sale of permissible consumer fireworks by a retail establishment shall be permitted only in compliance with ARS 36-1609 and the rules established by the State Fire Marshal by a duly licensed and permitted retailer or vendor.

E. Supervised public displays of fireworks will be conducted only by the procedures set forth in ARS 36-1603 and associated regulations.

F. The prohibition on the possession, sale, or use of fireworks shall not include those federally deregulated novelty items as may be listed by law.


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