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Alison Davis Vallet

Kino Junior High School

Mesa, AZ

Alison Davis Vallet, a school resource officer funded by the Arizona Department of Education’s School Safety Program at Kino Junior High School is selected as a “2022 Law Related Education Officer of the Year”! Officer Vallet has been an SRO for her school for two years. Due to her experience, she has been able to work with students experiencing trauma. She also educates students and staff with information regarding police/legal matters. By incorporating issues affecting junior high students into her lessons, Officer Vallet creates a safe learning environment where students can ask questions and receive support while learning relevant decision-making skills. Her lessons incorporate decision-making skills as she sees as avital skill for junior high students. Officer Vallet utilizes situations she hears about form students in scenarios during her instruction time to help students relate to real-life problems and empowers them with effective problem-solving strategies. The staff and parents at Kino Junior High also value the resources Officer Vallet provides for their campus and remark on her always going beyond what is expected to keep her campus safe and build community relationships.