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Keven Rush

Payson High School

Payson, AZ

Keven Rush, a school resource officer funded by the Arizona Department of Education’s School Safety Program at Payson High School is selected as a “2022 Law Related Education Officer of the Year”! Officer Rush has had a lot of experience with teaching students in his community as he was previously a high school teacher for 6 years and currently works as a school resource officer. He teaches law related education courses to students where he incorporates data on issues affecting his school. Rush has even made his own education videos that inform students about how to react when pulled over by an officer, school rules, and the evidence gathering process. Officer Rush’s students often have question about the law, he utilizes students questions to add to the topics he covers for his law related education instruction. The students are encouraged during his instruction time to voice their own concerns and express their opinions on controversial topics. He makes himself available to participate with student government, the Ski Club, and help with lessons for AVID classes. Officer Rush organizes training exercises for the Payson Police Department and invites staff from his school to attend. Officer Rush is well respected among the staff at Payson High School as a role model for students, a resource for the school, and fellow educator of quality instruction.