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Brad Walston

North Canyon High School

Phoenix, AZ

Brad Walston, a school resource officer funded by the Arizona Department of Education’s School Safety Program at North Canyon High School is selected as a “2022 Law Related Education Officer of the Year”! Officer Walston has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has been a part of the Phoenix police department for 10 years. He is deeply involved in student government, athletics, and administration. Walston staged a K-9 demonstration for the students to give them an insight about the police force. He has become a mentor to students as he gives advice and a listening ear to their struggles. Officer Walston implements law related education in the classroom further building relationships with his students while equipping them with skills and strategies to navigate challenging situations. His lessons utilize examples that his students experience with an emphasis on civic responsivity and being a role-model. By sharing his own process for decision-making, students learn how they can apply an effective decision-making process during Officer Walston’s LRE instruction. When students often have additional questions or concerns from the lessons they received, they expressed how much they appreciate being able to approach Officer Walston to inquire further and talk with him outside of class.