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Duane Enos

Pueblo Magnet High School

Tucson, AZ

Officer Duane Enos is the 2020 LRE Officer of the Year.  Officer Enos is amazing at creating relationships with students, teachers and all staff on campus.  He has built camaraderie with the health staff and is a regular guest teacher, educating the freshman class on drugs, its effects on the body and society as well as educating the students about social media and cyber issues. 

Officer Enos is quite motivated about getting into different classrooms to share law related education with students and teachers.  He goes above just teaching and relationship building by researching and reviewing the data from the discipline team, of which he is also a part, so he can focus on the classes he sees need more education on law related topics.  Officer Enos is an effective law related education officer and committed to assisting the school and his students.