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George Pizarro

Desert Meadows Elementary School

Laveen, AZ

George Pizarro, a school resource officer funded by the Arizona Department of Education’s School Safety Program is currently serving at Desert Meadows Elementary School in Laveen, AZ. Officer Pizarro has been active in the School Safety Program for 16 years. Always making himself available to his school site by teaching law related education (LRE) in the classroom, answering questions regarding laws, criminal activity, trends, and safety concerns. He builds positive relationships with students by joining them in outdoor activities during school breaks, helping in classrooms with projects, and providing relevant law related education in the classroom. He makes learning fun with interactive activities that not only teach students but also equip them with skills necessary to demonstrate civic actions. Parents and staff have benefited from the presence of Officer Pizarro because they are also able to ask questions about school safety and criminal activity with his open-door policy. Officer Pizarro is a valuable resource to his school community for not only providing his expertise and skills in keeping his school safe but also for his friendly, professional manner that is building positive relationships between him and his school community.