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Shane Connell

Empower College Prep

Phoenix, AZ

Officer Shane Connell, a school resource officer funded by the Arizona Department of Education’s School Safety Program, is currently serving at Empower College Prep in Phoenix, AZ. Officer Connell has been active in the School Safety Program for 3 years. He is a valuable part of the Empower College Prep community where he has built strong relationships with students and worked closely with administration to support both families and students. Students at Empower College Prep are thrilled to have Officer Connell.

Officer Connell makes sure he is visible and available around campus. He is present during drop off, lunch, and recess to interact with the students. During lunch and recess he gives the younger students high fives and stickers to those that can recite the core values of the school. Students run up to him to tell him what they have learned. In grades 6-8, students enjoy the “Wake-Up” club started by Officer Connell. It’s an environment where he has created trust and safety. Students have the opportunity to eat lunch with him once a week and learn about various topics. He supports the school’s PBIS program and has daily check-ins for students that need it.
He teaches LRE lessons in K-2 and 6-8 on a variety of meaningful topics. Some examples include vaping, truancy, status offenses, social media, respect, stealing, rules, conflict resolution, teasing vs. bullying. His lessons are interactive to allow for student voice and skill development. From the start of the school year to February 2024, he had already implemented 143 LRE hours and continued teaching LRE in the classroom. Last year he completed 234 LRE Hours. Additionally, Officer Connell makes himself available to teachers and staff to answer questions or concerns and ensure the safety of his campus.
Included in his nomination were quotes from school staff and pictures students drew of Officer Connell. Below is an example of each.
“Our students love the officer. It has motivated many of our little ones to become Police officers when they grow up.” -Faculty member

Officer Connells Drawing