Chandler Police Officer - SRO
Stephen Dieu

Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information

Chandler High School

Stephen Dieu is a Chandler Police Officer of 18 years, a School Resource Officer for 14 years, and an SRO trainer for the Arizona Department of Education in the implementation of the Arizona School Safety Program for the last 12 years.

Officer Dieu is directly involved with elementary, jr. high, and high schools and their districts in emergency management, school safety assessments, procedural evaluations, and multidisciplinary safety team development and training. He has logged thousands of classroom hours of Law Related Education taught to student, faculty, community groups and fellow law enforcement personnel. He is considered a subject matter expert in School Policing and Community Collaboration.

Officer Dieu’s certifications and awards include being an AZPOST General Instructor, Crisis Intervention Team member, certified Trainer for Youth Mental Health First Aid, Instructor for the Thrive-Resilience Program for Teens, Life Saving Award Recipient, Community Resource Officer of the Year, Arizona Law Related Education Officer of the Year, and Father of the Decade, according to his four daughters. He enjoys spending time with family, participating in sports, remodeling, car detailing, and occasional mint chocolate chip ice cream.