Kaitlin Griffin Image

Kaitlin Griffin

Desert Sands Middle School 

Phoenix, AZ

Kaitlin Griffin is an 8th grade social studies teacher at Desert Sands Middle School Academy of Mass Communication and Journalism. She has dedicated ten years to teaching ELA and Social Studies in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been an outstanding supporter of Foundation programs.

Ms. Griffin’s involvement with the Foundation began when she started incorporating Project Citizen in her classroom. In 2022, her students excelled and made it to the State and National Project Citizen Showcases, demonstrating their dedication to addressing community issues through civic engagement. Witnessing their growth and commitment to making a positive impact was an incredible experience for her. Because of Ms. Griffin’s stellar work, the Foundation selected her to help train other educators on how to implement Project Citizen.

Ms. Griffin also participated in James Madison Legacy Project Expansion (JMLPE). Through this program, she used the We the People curriculum to help her students gain a deeper understanding of constitutional principles and a greater appreciation for the foundations of our democracy. She went above and beyond to prepare her students for the We the People Competition and Showcase.

In addition to her work with the Foundation, Ms. Griffin has also coached speech and debate and has led her students in participating in the Arizona Stock Market Game. In 2022, she took her students to Disneyland, where they had the unique opportunity to learn presentation skills from industry leaders. Recognizing the importance of practical participation in the democratic process, she has participated in canvassing and campaigning for local political candidates. Ms. Griffin’s commitment to law-related education and civic engagement is evident both within and beyond the classroom.