Nancie Lindblom

Nancie Lindblom

Mountain View High School

Mesa, AZ

Nancie Lindblom is a social studies teacher at Mountain View High School in the Mesa Public Schools District. She currently teaches American History and Government including We the People. Nancie seeks to engage students in civics and promote student leadership by giving them opportunities to learn and practice these skills. Students have the power to impact society and Nancie strives to encourage students to work hard and do their best so that they can reach their potential. To that end, Nancie’s We The People: The Citizen and The Constitution students represented Arizona at the National We The People Competition for the 2nd year in a row. Though these are trying times, Nancie worked with her students so that they did not miss out on the opportunity to participate in this educational event. The competition was held on a virtual platform which was challenging but her students prevailed and accepted the challenge head-on. Nancie’s determination to provide her students with knowledge, skills, and opportunities is commendable.

We the People is Nancie’s favorite class of the day. She truly looks forward to engaging in thought provoking civic conversations with students and learning while growing with her classes. Nancie and her co-coach have the goal of creating a unified team, so they work on classroom relationships through daily conversations. They host a summer bootcamp to bring the team together and set the tone for the year while encouraging We the People activities and group lunches. They believe that there is more success when the students feel safe sharing their ideas and know that they are supported by their fellow teammates and coaches.

This past summer, Nancie participated in a teacher institute with the National Constitution Center on Federalism. She was also just put on the Bill of Rights Institute's Teacher Council for 2020-2021. Nancie received a Madison Congressional Fellowship to work for the summer in Kyrsten Sinema's office in Washington D.C., but it has been deferred to the 2021 summer due to COVID-19. She is a true role model for students and teachers and continues to impress us all!