Folder Cohort Lessons


Folder 4th Amendment (Middle/High)
Folder Addressing Bullying Behaviors
Folder Assertive Action (Middle/High)
Folder Best Behavior: Reducing Aggression and Hostility (Middle/High)
Folder Beyond the Classroom: Cyberbullying through Social Media (Middle/High)
Folder Bike Safety (Elementary)
Folder Campus Crime Watch (Elementary/Middle)
Folder Campus Safety: A Weapon Free Zone (Middle/High)
Folder Cellphone Use: What's Legal? (Middle/High)
Folder Child Safety (K-3)
Folder Conflict in Families (Middle/High)
Folder Cost of Delinquency (Middle/High)
Folder Creating a Safe Campus (Middle/High)
Folder Cyber Decisions (Middle/High)
Folder Discouraging Violence through Healthy Communication (Middle/High)
Folder Fentanyl Awareness and Prevention (Middle/High)
Folder Financial Gains (Middle/High)
Folder Forming Safe and Healthy Relationships (Middle High)
Folder Gang Prevention Cohort (Advanced Middle/High)
Folder Healthy Communications (Middle/High)
Folder Heroin: Signs, Symptoms & Aftermath (Middle/High)
Folder Human Trafficking (Middle/High)
Folder Illicit Use of Legal Drugs (Middle/High)
Folder Impact of Social Media (Middle/High)
Folder Is it Okay if? (Middle/High)
Folder Keeping School Cool: Reducing Aggressive Behaviors (Upper Elementary)
Folder Marijuana: Be Informed (Middle/High)
Folder Opioid Impact (Middle/High)
Folder Outstanding Upstanders (K-3)
Folder Positive Actions and Reactions (Upper Elementary)
Folder Power Against Bullying (Middle/High)
Folder Power of Passengers (Middle/High)
Folder Preventing Dangerous Situations in School (Middle/High)
Folder Reducing Aggressive Social Interactions (K-3)
Folder Respect for Authority (Middle/High)
Folder Safe Celebrations (High)
Folder Safe Dating (Middle/High)
Folder Safe from Cybercrimes (Middle/High)
Folder Safety While Socializing (Middle/High)
Folder Screen Time Skills (K-3)
Folder Smart Online Communication (Middle/High)
Folder Socializing in a World of Technology (Middle/High)
Folder Status Offenses (Middle/High)
Folder Story Time with LRE (K-3)
Folder Student Expression on Campus (Middle/High)
Folder Successful Citizenship in My School Community (Middle/High)
Folder Survive the Drive (Middle/High)
Folder Teasing, Taunting and Pranking (Upper Elementary/Middle)
Folder Technology Use and School (Middle/High)
Folder The Impact of Underage Drinking
Folder Theft (Middle/High)
Folder Think Before You Post (Middle/High)
Folder Toxic Vapors (Middle/High)
Folder Truancy (Middle/High)
Folder Truancy Prevention: It’s more than Ditching (Middle/High)
Folder Understanding Differences (Middle/High)
Folder Up in Vape: Exploring the Facts about Vaping (Middle/High)
Folder What Can I Bring to School? (Elementary)
Folder What's App with You? (Middle/High)
Folder What's the Risk? Alcohol, Marijuana, and Vaping (Middle/High)
Folder When You Turn 18 (High)
Folder When You Turn 18: Civil Responsibilities (High)
Folder When You Turn 18: Employment and Taxes (High)